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security cameras
Security Cameras
Your Eye in The Sky
Discover the power of Magnuson Low Voltage Wiring's security camera solutions, providing reliable surveillance coverage for your home or business. Our advanced technology and AI-triggered cameras capture crystal-clear footage, keeping a watchful eye day and night. Stay connected at all times with real-time access to live feeds and recorded footage through convenient mobile or web applications. Our expert technicians strategically install cameras to maximize coverage and minimize blind spots, ensuring optimal views of key areas at all times. Choose from a range of customizable camera solutions tailored to your needs, offering you peace of mind, and acting as a powerful deterrent.
Security Camera Systems and Solutions
Commercial-grade equipment for reliable performance in demanding environments
Multiple security camera options including IP, Wireless (Wi-Fi), and hybrid systems
Two-way audio and live video monitoring for real-time observation and immediate response to incidents
Scalable solutions to accommodate your ever-evolving security needs
Intelligent Video Analytics for automated event detection and analysis in real-time
Seamless integration with existing security systems for comprehensive protection
home security camera
home security camera
High-Quality Video Surveillance
Enhanced low-light performance for high-quality surveillance in all lighting conditions
Wide dynamic range technology captures both bright and dark areas with clarity
Intelligent analytics detect and alert for suspicious activities or anomalies
Robust data storage capabilities for extensive video archival
Durable and weather-resistant cameras for reliable outdoor surveillance
Crisp and clear images for precise identification
Remote Viewing and Monitoring
Effortlessly view multiple camera feeds simultaneously from a single interface
Two-way audio functionality allows communication with individuals on-site
Customizable settings to personalize monitoring preferences and notifications
Instant playback and rewind options to review recorded footage remotely
Integration with smart home devices for centralized control and automation
Multi-device compatibility allows monitoring from smartphones, tablets, or computers
home security camera
The Advantages of a Security Camera System
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Reduce Loss
Installing a robust security camera system can effectively mitigate business losses caused by theft or vandalism.
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Enhance Safety
Ensure the safety and well-being of your staff, customers, visitors, and loved ones by implementing our comprehensive security camera solutions, providing peace of mind and security.
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Gain Visibility
Your eye in the sky. Leverage our advanced AI-enabled security camera solutions to give you valuable visibility to all the activities at your residential or business premises.
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Improve Operations
Harness the power of video surveillance to leverage valuable data and insights, enabling you to enhance operational efficiencies and streamline your business processes.
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Receive Notifications
Stay informed and receive real-time phone notifications, ensuring you're always aware of what's happening, even when you're not physically present.
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Document Events
Efficiently enhance your visibility into recorded security events with easy-to-access video footage, images, and long-term archives.
A LIVE Security Guard Behind Every Camera
Experience our innovative remote guarding solution that combines AI-powered surveillance camera monitoring with two-way audio communication to effectively deter unwanted visitors. This cutting-edge approach offers superior security at a lower cost compared to traditional on-site guards.

Through real-time analysis and continuous feedback, our solution provides 24/7 protection for your business. Our advanced deep learning technology, video categorization, and smart search capabilities deliver personalized and precise alerts tailored to your unique situation at the click of a button.

By integrating our high-tech cameras, state-of-the-art software, and live video monitoring conducted by a professional monitoring center, our system identifies criminal activity and utilizes audiovisual deterrents to actively prevent it in real-time. Why settle for merely recording crimes when you can proactively stop them in their tracks?
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Discover How Our Solution Keeps Your Premises Secure
Cameras Detect
Utilizing advanced video analytics, our security camera solutions detect potential threats and promptly report them to our dedicated monitoring center
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LIVE Monitoring Center Verifies
A live agent at the remote monitoring center diligently verifies the live stream of the subject that triggered the alarm, guaranteeing an accurate and reliable response to potential security incidents and threats
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Authorities Dispatched
Once the incident is verified as a legitimate threat, one of our monitoring center agents will attempt to deter the threat via onsite 2-way audio, and then will promptly dispatch authorities to the scene for an immediate response and resolution
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Subject Apprehended
Subject Apprehended
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Frequently Asked Questions
What Is A Security Camera System?
Why Is It Crucial To Have A Security Camera System In Place?
A security camera system utilizes video streams from cameras to detect, record, and respond to security events. It consists of security cameras, a storage device (DVR, NVR, or cloud storage), and a monitor for live view and playback.
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