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Access Control
Control and Regulate Access to your Building
When moving into an existing space, businesses and tenants prioritize building security, especially entrance points. Custom security needs include restricted area access, employee and visitor entry, and temporary access for cleaning crews or contractors. To enhance security, a reliable electronic access control solution is crucial, encompassing entry management, event tracking, alarm/camera integration, and future adaptability. Telephone entry systems are also important, letting visitors communicate with occupants or security before entry. By combining electronic access control and telephone entry, businesses and multi-tenant properties efficiently regulate access, reinforcing overall security for assets and personnel, ensuring peace of mind for all.
A Safer & More Secure Environment with Access Control
Of businesses use an access control system
Of multi-family properties use a telelphone entry or call box system
Of existing access control systems or telephone entry systems need to be upgraded or replaced
Modern Access Control Systems & Solutions
Cloud-Based software to manage and control your system from anywhere
Optional biometric and facial scanning in place of keypads, cards, and fobs
Temperature and face mask detection to monitor healthcare entrances
Mobile credentials to utilize smartphones to grant access
Seamless integration into existing security alarm and video surveillance systems
Unlimited scalable solutions to accommodate everyone’s security needs
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server room
Allegion Pure Access Control
Simple, user-friendly web-based management software to add users, access points, and rules
Available anytime from anywhere using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop browser
Real-time monitoring, customizable dashboards, and live alerts sent to your phone
Mobile phone credentials via Bluetooth low energy
Next-generation IP reader controller designed for scalable and flexible access control
Wireless lock integration for seamless installations
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Modern Telephone Entry Systems & Call Box Solutions
Cloud-Based software to remotely manage and control your system from anywhere
Easily retro-fit your existing intercom system with smart video & touch screen capabilities
Multilingual audio and text supported and displayed
Mobile app with 2-way audio and live video stream for tenants to grant access to visitors
Seamless integration into existing access control and video surveillance systems
Multi-door entry capabilities to control entry into double entry vestibules
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server room
AlphaTouch Touchscreen Entry System
User-friendly touchscreen display for easy navigation and interaction
High-resolution video camera for clear visitor identification
Keyless entry with personal codes or virtual keys
Customizable on-screen interface to match property branding
Users can communicate with visitors via video and audio calls directly from the app
Web browser-based software to remotely manage and control your system from anywhere
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Access Control System and Telephone Entry Integration
Integrating the access control system with the telephone entry system brings forth a host of benefits, revolutionizing the security infrastructure of a facility. By combining these two systems, seamless coordination between visitors and authorized personnel is achieved. Visitors can utilize the telephone entry system to connect with authorized individuals, who can remotely verify their identity and grant access through the access control system. This integration not only enhances security by ensuring that only authorized individuals gain entry but also streamlines visitor management processes, eliminating the need for physical keys or proximity cards. With real-time communication and efficient access approval, the visitor experience is greatly improved. Additionally, the integration creates a detailed audit trail, capturing essential information like date, time, and duration of access, enabling effective security investigations and compliance audits. Moreover, this integration enables remote access management, allowing authorized personnel to handle access requests even when physically absent from the entry point. With centralized control and a cost-effective approach, integrating the access control system with the telephone entry system establishes a comprehensive and efficient security solution for any facility. To effectively address these concerns and enhance business security, it is crucial to implement an efficient, dependable, and flexible electronic access control solution. This solution should encompass various features, including a robust entry management system, detailed event history capabilities, burglar alarm/security camera integration, and the ability to adapt to future security.
The Advantages of an Acces Control System
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Control Access
Restrict and control access to restricted areas to only those who need it, while retaining the ability to securely grant temporary access to visitors.
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Keyless Entry
Eliminate the risk of lost or stolen keys falling into unauthorized hands, as well as the inconvenience and high cost associated with replacing keys or changing locks.
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Event History
Keep track of entry and exit history, including door usage, timestamps, and individuals involved, with detailed access event history logs.
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Improve Operations
Utilize biometric and facial scanning abilities to enhance restricted area access, remove physical guards, and streamline your business process.
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System Integration
Utilize the capability to connect your access control system with your security camera system, enabling clear verification of user credentials and enhancing event history monitoring.
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Advanced Security
Enhance security with touch-free biometric technology, utilizing facial and fingerprint scanning to completely eliminate the need for credentials and keys. This ensures that only authorized users can access restricted areas, providing a highly secure environment.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is An Access Control System?
What Is A Telephone Entry System Or Call Box?
An access control system, sometimes referred to as a card entry or fob entry system, manages and restricts individuals' physical access to buildings, sites, and specific areas or rooms. These systems can be implemented at various entry points, including doors, gates, barriers, fences, turnstiles, and even elevators. They can range from standalone keypad setups that control a single door to integrated networks that encompass multiple buildings, providing comprehensive access control across a wide range of locations.
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