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Security Alarms
Empowering Your Home & Business with Intrusion Prevention
When it comes to safeguarding your assets and loved ones, the installation of a dependable security system is paramount in preventing intrusions. Acting as both a powerful deterrent and an effective warning mechanism, our security systems provide essential protection. In the unfortunate event of an intrusion, you can trust our systems to promptly alert you or our professional monitoring center, mitigating potential damage to your property, ensuring the safety of your employees, or loved ones, and safeguarding your valuable assets. Count on Magnuson Low Voltage Wiring to deliver reliable intrusion prevention solutions that you can rely on.
Intrusions, Burglary and Lost Assets
2.5 Million
There are over 2.5 million burglaries annually in the US
$3.4 Billion
Victims of burglaries lose an estimated total of $3.4 billion in personal peroperty each year.
11 seconds
There is a break-in every 11 seconds in the US
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Residential Smart Home/Intrusion Systems
Magnuson Low Voltage Wiring is your trusted partner in securing your home with top-notch residential intrusion systems. Our comprehensive protection services are designed to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. With our smart home burglar alarm system, we guarantee precise detection and prompt alerts, enabling swift authorized dispatch for maximum safety. Additionally, our integrated touchscreen keypad allows convenient access to arm/disarm your system, control lights and outlets, unlock doors, and even view your security cameras. Experience the seamless control and enhanced security offered by our advanced residential intrusion systems
Commercial Intrusion Systems
Ensure optimal protection for your business with our reliable security alarm systems. Our comprehensive services are meticulously designed to provide the safety and tranquility you need to safeguard your business and its valuable assets. With our cutting-edge commercial security alarm systems, we guarantee precise detection and swift alerts, enabling prompt dispatch of authorities when needed. Experience seamless control with our integrated security alarm systems, allowing effortless arming and disarming of the system. Trust us for top-level security and peace of mind for your business. Contact us today to fortify your business with our advanced security solutions.
home security camera
home security camera
Alarm Verification Systems
In addition to our state-of-the-art security alarm systems, we also offer alarm verification solutions to further optimize police response times and reduce false alarms. By integrating audio or video verification into your intrusion system, our expert monitoring center specialists can swiftly and accurately confirm any break-in, immediately alerting law enforcement. This prompts a priority police response and ensures a rapid intervention. Furthermore, our alarm verification technology provides real-time information on the intruder's activities, enabling a more effective and efficient apprehension process. Elevate your security measures today with our advanced intrusion systems and alarm verification solutions, offering unparalleled protection and peace of mind.
The Advantages of an Intrusion System
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Deter Intruders
Security alarm systems act as powerful deterrents, preventing crimes before they happen.
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Integrated System
Our alarm systems offer seamless integration with most third-party solutions, allowing for a centralized and comprehensive security system.
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Individually Tailored
Everyone has different needs, which is why our alarm systems are designed to be fully customizable and individually tailored to meet your specific needs.
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Take Action
An alarm system acts as a vital ally in crisis situations, enabling you to contact authorities and take fast and decisive action, protecting your people and property from potential harm or losses.
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Peace of Mind
With our smart home alarm systems in place, you can confidently leave your location for the day, knowing that all your belongings, assets, and the building itself are well-protected.
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Request Reporting
By assigning unique codes to everyone, you can accurately track arm/disarm times, access levels, and access activities.
Frequently Asked Questions
What Is A Security Alarm System?
Why Is It Crucial To Have A Security Alarm System In Place?
A security alarm system is specifically engineered to identify and alert against unauthorized entry into a building. It is commonly employed in residential and commercial structures to provide protection against theft or property damage.
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